Wilson cell phone booster for home

Does a Wilson Cell Phone Booster Really Work?

Getting fed up with dropped calls? Want to get rid of your land line but have spotty cell phone coverage inside your home? A Wilson cell phone booster, which can allow your cell phone to give its full potential is often the answer. Many people, especially in today’s economy, pay an expensive monthly landline phone bill only as a backup to their cell phones because cell phone coverage in their home is undependable. If you could buy a product for a one-time fee, get perfect cell phone coverage, and never have to pay a home phone bill again, would you be interested? Read on to see how a Wilson cell phone booster can pay for itself in 3-4 months.

Wilson cell phone booster

How does a Wilson cell phone booster work?

If you are an area where a cell phone signal isn’t that strong, then a booster may be the answer. The most common type of cell phone signal booster is for home use. Often resembling a wireless router, the device connects through both your high speed internet as well as a satellite to basically act like a mini cell phone tower in and around your home. Like a router, you choose who is able to connect to it. It’s often as easy as adding cell phone numbers to your account for those individuals you want to have access.

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In addition, there are models for vehicles. Signal boosters for RVs are very popular. When traveling in more remote areas, you are bound to come across areas with limited cell phone coverage. With the help of a booster or repeater, the device will be able to amplify all the weak signals around you and make the cell signal much stronger. While there’s no way to completely eliminate dead zones,  you can greatly minimize them.

Wilson cell phone booster for home

What to look for?

For a lot of years now, technology has allowed these devices to help many people. With the amount of cell phones in use today, it’s obvious society is quite dependent on them. What good does the newest iPhone do if it’s always struggling to find a strong signal? That said, every model number is different and some are better than others. Before buying, it is always advised to read a few of the many reviews that are available online. Here are a few things to look for when shopping for a new Wilson cell phone booster:

Additional Features

The very first thing that you should be looking into is whether the cell phone booster supports your current network service provider. Whether you have Verizon, AT&T, TMobile, or something else, it’s important to confirm your new cell phone repeater will be compatible. Take a look at the range of their antenna so that you will know if it can capture even the weakest signal. The best added feature in the market nowadays are the wireless cell phone extenders which can provide signal boosting capability to anyone within the range of the antenna. The boosters specifically for 4g technology is one example of a good booster because of the added feature which is 4g (where a more stable and stronger signal is amplified by the booster).


Wireless differs a lot to wired connections. Wireless boosters will give you the freedom to move around within range of the unit while wired boosters won’t provide you that freedom but will offer you a more stable connectivity and signal.

Wilson cell phone booster for car

Ease of Set Up

All companies provide step-by-step procedures on how to set up the antenna and the receiver. Even if you buy a wireless antenna, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t using any cord at all. There should be one or two cords that should be set up before you can use the booster. The company should provide all the instructions on how to set them up.


A good company should do its best to give their customers a way to keep in touch with them. There should be a good customer service and tech support where you can ask help from. Whether you want to ask a simple sales question or a technical issue, they should be there to help you out. You should never have to pay for basic customer service or tech support.

Where Can You Buy a Wilson Cell Phone Booster?

You can find Wilson cell phone boosters for sale at Best Buy, Amazon, and other reputable online and brick and mortar merchants. The Wilson Electronics desktop model is by far one of the best units available in the market. The Wilson 801247 is another popular model and can be ordered online as well. If you want to learn more about the various Wilson cell phone boosters, then read reviews or do some reading at various electronics forums online.

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